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Natural Indoor Light

This bitter winter really kept us indoors much more than usual, and for a photographer this can become a little tortuous. I craved open space, natural scenery and interesting light.

To take advantage of the extra time this weather brings,  I attended a couple of photography workshops, one of which focused on making the most of your indoor light. I often had difficulty finding the light i wanted in our little Cape cottage, but this workshop taught me that it is there……  and that it is worth the effort to look for.

We had picked up some Crayola window markers at the grocery store … of those items that was never on the list but I was persuaded to buy. Another little diversion to beat the winter cabin fever. With great excitement the drawing started immediately on the way home in the back seat.

When we got home suddenly every window was a blank canvas.

I didn’t mind at all because they are completely washable…….thank you Crayola.

Our west facing slider was ‘the masterpiece’ and luckily, the perfect place for me to explore some natural indoor light.

This late afternoon light was not very bright at all, but turned out to have a beautiful dramatic quality. It dissipated gradually allowing deep shadows to wrap around contours, revealing texture and creating a nice variety of tones.

There are of course many other kinds of natural indoor light that we photographers love. My talented friend Jamie of Jamie Sheridan Photography explored this also this month with her sweet newborn.


Jaime - Love these Julie! The one of just her feet is my favorite! Such a cool perspective and the light in every image is beautiful. Nice work! 🙂

Julie - Thankyou 🙂

Julie - thank you Denise and yes they are completely washable! Great invention!

Marty - Love that first shot on the left and the one of her feet…how fun! Really enjoyed the simplicity of the black and white too.

denise - Julie. such great light!! and I’m hoping those are washable! 🙂

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