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If you would ask me what the best day of my life has been so far, I would immediately get lost in patchy memories of a day 11 years ago when my daughter was born. Nothing prepared me for the avalanche of emotions that would tumble over me when this new life was placed into my arms for the first time and i saw how perfect her every little feature was. As we gazed into eachother’s eyes for the first time, I wondered how i could be so lucky to have been given this precious gift to love. I have a handful of photos, that my mother, also a midwife had the foresight to take. LIttle did I realize how these would become priceless to me. With the exhaustion of birth, I sometimes wonder if I would even be remembering the details of these moments so well , were they not in photographs.

I was very honored to be invited and trusted, to capture a special little girl’s birth story. She surprised us all by arriving one week early. Mom was pretty much a rockstar. I arrived at 5cm to hear her singing between contractions! Baby {R} arrived just before sunrise. It was miraculous and beautiful and I was just in awe as I documented each amazing moment.

Birth is powerful and life changing. It is an event that deserves to be told in pictures. If you would like to find out more about capturing your upcoming birth story or you would like to celebrate your baby’s arrival with a hospital session get in touch today!




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