Family Beach Portrait at the Sea Crest Falmouth

This is one of the many beach portrait sessions that I just never got time to share last summer. This lovely family were vacationing at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel right on Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, so I met them out there to capture some holiday memories.

Heading off to this session there was no doubt in my mind that with four and six year old boys, there was going to be some energy. I knew I would be getting a decent workout and would probably need to be a bit silly with them to engage them and get the shots we envisioned.

Well all I can say is that I hope that nobody got me on video, because I had to break out the crazy for these two. They were just so excited to be there and so full of energy that I had to work double time to keep up with them!

It was worth all the craziness in the end, because we came away with photographs that captured their personalities and tell a little part of their family vacation story.

When Mom and Dad look through back through their album, I know that they will remember all the little moments from that night and be able to show their boys how much fun they had.

Family Vacation portrait Old Silver Beach Falmouth

Family Portrait Old Silver Beach Cape Cod

Two little boys at Old Silver Beach Falmouth


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