A Special Milestone | The Tween Portrait

Do you ever wish you could pick a time in your life and go back to it,  just for one day ?

Some of my college days would be a blast 😉

How i wish now, that I would have appreciated those times more.

Learning to appreciate the present moment may be something that takes a life time. I still catch myself wishing away days that I know I will want back.

But lately i find myself clinging to photos, memories staring back at me, of days when my daughter was little. I know it was all consuming at the time, and I yearned for just a spare moment to myself, but like labor pain, I can’t really remember all that. As i look at her adorable little self i just want to go back for today. And I would happily “play barbies” or dress Polly Pockets all afternoon.

Today though, my daughter is 12.

She is at a precious milestone that I never fully understood until now.
Not a little kid anymore but not a teenager.
Just in between.

As a Mom , it’s a big adjustment , letting go of the child to make room for the teenager she soon will be.

She is still learning who she is.
I encourage her to be herself.

Like every Mom of a ‘Tween’, I worry about her developing self-image. Middle school can be rough.  I want her to know that she is beautiful and important, and I want her to feel that confidence from within.

Initially my goal was just to document her now at this age, so that we would have future memories, but I am also discovering an unexpected benefit. She actually enjoys these mini photo sessions! She brings out all sides of her personality for the camera and most importantly she admits loving her pictures too!

I love that she can see her beautiful best self.
I will continue to do this as we muddle through the teen years and hopefully it will continue to help her to believe in, and value herself.

Here are just a few of the photos I have captured over the past 8 months. As I look back , even in just that short span of time I can see and remember so much growth and change.

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