Family Portrait at Wychmere Beach Club

The Wychmere Beach club overlooking Wychmere Harbor in Harwich, was the perfect location for this family’s first portrait. Beautiful impeccably landscaped grounds and a private beach just footsteps away….what more could a photographer ask for !

But what made this place truly perfect, was that it was also the exact spot where Mom and Dad had said I Do,  just a few years ago.

Returning now with their handsome baby boy , at 5 months old he was clearly their dream come true. I couldn’t get enough of those deep blue eyes and that gorgeous smile.

Revisiting the place where their family story began , to add this new chapter, was really fun and quite an honor.

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Baby boy Beach portrait Wychmere Beach Club HarwichBaby Boy and Family Portrait Wychmere Harbor Cape Cod

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